Not intended to offend but to consider how travelling provokes our senses and sometimes with an element of anxiety. An opportunity to explore those uneasy moments in travel whilst taking note of the moment in time.

I have begun to reflect on the purpose of travelling and taking photos. Things that come to mind include the opportunity to relax, experience and proof of being there. When I was growing up, the only way to ‘share a photo’ was by printing and displaying it. We didn’t even have an LCD screen on our cameras or phones and I was born in 86! Friends would visit so we could relive the holiday through the physical album. With large memory cards, numerous photos are now taken, whereas before we had a roll of 12-36 shots only, so careful consideration was in order. No deleting back then! Recently I heard mention of photos being on display to create envy. I certainly experience this whilst looking at magazines. Marketing and social media definitely works! Sharing online is easy but how often do you ask about the story attached and get an adequate response that lets you be in that journey? On the other hand, do people have time to consider the moment before them?

I recall a time in Iceland recently where droves of tourists swarmed around to capture the ideal waterfall. My eyes were focussed on the swells and rapids, feeling the cool spray, hearing the birds flittering about… I was purely lost in the moment.

I plan to achieve something different in these writings by exploring the moments leading up to the place where I then decide it is worthy to take a photo and remember that place in time.