NC500 Day 7: Lochinver to Kishorn

Route: Lochinver, Knockan Crag, Ullapool, Corrieshalloch Gorge, Laide, Beinn Eighe National Park, Torridon, Kishorn.

 Senses and Discoveries

Goodbye to our hosts. 

Easter travellers increasing the road traffic and haste to arrive and relax.

The hill peaks are topped with snow.

The mountains and valleys display a change in colour as the sun rises and shines upon them.

Learning about the geological findings of the area.

Tucking into glorious fresh seafood at Ullapool and talking with the locum GP (we later find out they had to close shop as they sold out). Check this out

Stops Along the Way

A very fresh breeze off the snow peaked mountains gathers strength as we rise to the ridge. We descend quicker than our ascent to find warmth again (Knockan Crag). 

Barely could take my hands out it was that cold!

A small Easter market, nestled away provides some picnic food options for our days ahead. Unfortunately the smokehouse and bakery are closed. The Art gallery had inspirations from Tasmania (Ullapool). 

A gorge of some feet carved by force, not by water (Corrieshalloch Gorge) (Easy 2 Miss). 

Quick roadside stop to see seals lounging around (Laide) as we rise high around the peninsulas. 

A steep walk through various plantations and rocks of significance. Starting too late in the day we turn back after 45minutes (Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve). 


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