NC500 Day 6 : Lochinver to Lochinver

Route: Lochinver, Inverkirkaig, Achnahaird Beach, Altandhu, Reiff, Achtilbuie, Drumrunie, Knockan Crag, Elphin, Ardvreck Castle, Lochinver.

 Senses and Discoveries

On advice from our homestay, we choose to drive a large loop of the area which turns out to be a grand idea as tomorrow will be a long travel day.

The sight of Suilven is quite dominant and begs us to climb him one day.

Watching a family try to recoup a child´s shoe lost in the infamous muddy bog. They were arm deep and still no luck. I did not lend a hand.

We spent a good time driving after this, exploring where roads led to. Generally finding our way to quiet coastal houses filling up for the Easter weekend.

Sharing our day with our homestay and gathering wild flowers whilst the venison stews away in the pot.

Making Nintendo WII caracters that looked quite like myself.

Stops Along the Way

An opportunity to hike to a waterfall and on advice we walked further to the start of the river and closer views of Suilven. The precarious walk down to the waterfall viewing easily navigated at a low pace.(Inverkirkaig Falls) 

Totally worth the extra trek!
I took notice of Spring..

A coastal walk around the region of the summer Isles, purchasing some sour straps and ice cream (Achtilbuie).

Unable to cross the sandbank we admired Ardvreck Castle from the mainland whilst a rescue helicopter hovers above, navigating a rescue we find out later. 


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