NC500 Day 5 : Durness to Lochinver

Route : Durness, Scourie, Kyelsku, Drumbeg, Stoer Lighthouse, Lochinver

Senses and Discoveries

New scenery presents itself as we travel south and include westerly single track roads via Drumbeg. They lead high and low with glorious views over many bays.  

We often find cemeteries close to the seaside. 

Kylesku ferry use to run the brief trip cutting out the 100miles or so journey however only ran during the daytime and for only half a dozen vehicles. About 30 years ago a bridge was built due to the increased demands. 

I discovered the feeling of sinking deep into a bog hole. Sarah laughed. I laughed 3 days later.

Discovering the edible wildflowers that grow upon private land.

A plate of wild flowers with a secret dressing

Sharing a meal, refining the art of whisky tasting and good conversation with locals whilst receiving their generosity.       
Stops Along the Way

A walk past the cemetery and onto the headland provides an early and brief walk in the fresh air (Scourie Headland Walk). 

Pass over and admire Kylesku Bridge from the old ferry pier. 

Stocking up on local ales (Drumbeg Stores).
Navigating bogland underfoot to reach grand coastal views. People trying to avoid puddles despite being soaked already (Stoer Lighthouse). 

Introduction to living with locals who accepted our couchsurfing request. We were so happy to be spending part of our journey with some locals under their roof. Monika, Stewart, Corwin and the number of animals really made an impression. It was an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the Highland way and we learnt so much on our first day. (somewhere near Lochinver)


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