NC500 Day 4 – See oh sea oh aye!

A day to explore The surroundings of Durness. As rain appeared imminent, I chose to keep the camera dry and hence only words are expressed on this post. 


Watching and wondering about the large dark clouds in the distance. A sigh of relief as the rain clouds missed us every time.
We now start to see more travellers and popularity grows at sights. Dismayed faces seeking a car park. Hurried cars passing through areas where beauty is so easily missed. 
Semi-circle markings etched across the sand dunes, artwork created by the grasses blown by the wind. 
The wind can be overwhelming. 

An early morning walk across the sandy bay and around the coast. A mix of grassy hills and sand dunes are present, whilst a dominant watchtower hovers in sight. The MOD fence provides something to hold onto as the wind fiercely knocks us. The cliff fence provides a little electric shock asking not to be held on to or passed. (Faraid Head, park at Balnakeil Church)
Exploring design, craft, skill and flavours. Watching as a man services a musical instrument. Warming up to a hot chocolate with a chocolate chaser at Cocoa Mountain with extra sauce drizzled over the top. (Balnakeil Craft Village).
Due to the raging rivers, some were impassable so we took a one way walk and turned back after an hour. Each step difficult as the wind pushed us sideways, directly affecting our judgement on the correct line to walk. Our faces felt burnt from the wind. We found gold in the streams. (trail around Beinn Ceannabeinne, we walked from Smoo Cave carpark)
Thunderous water spewing off the mountain and into the cave. All spectators being drenched with the rebounding spray in the excitement to take a look. (Smoo Cave)
Have you worked out the meaning of the title? Comment below if so… 


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