Who stole my onion and my apples?

Welcome to Dublin. 

It’s slightly warmer than Belfast. 

Droves of people walk without unity, reminding me of London rush hour (or any hour in London). Numerous construction sites at intersections creating bottlenecks. It’s Europe, so do you walk on the right? But they drive on the left… That’s where the confusion lies. 

Home to Guinness. They have trademarked the ‘harp’ so the royal mint had to flip theirs to avoid a lawsuit. Their site encompasses 55 acres and went all out to build a pint glass inside…that can hold 14 million real pints! 

Upstairs, the tasting room had a sterile field come laboratory feel about it. White bins emitting odours locked in a vapour for us to smell. 

Marty awarded with the Best Head award

Kilmainham Gaol provided a look behind the stone walls to the photogenic cells, whilst also providing history and background to some of Ireland’s conflict. 

The light provided hope as prisoners looked up and prayed.

I’m yet to solve the mystery of my missing onion and bag of apples.  I called out. I hope they return one day soon. 


One thought on “Who stole my onion and my apples?

  1. Don’t forget the bananas!! At least they left us with the bread. Plain old boring old wholemeal bread. I bet onion thieves prefer white- or sourdough or even potato scones- lucky Marty hid the potato scones in his bag.


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