Glasgow 2.0

Three weeks of Scottish travels coming to a close, so this was our final chance to catch up on missed events. 

People Make Glasgow – this billboard adorns buildings and buses. We had warm encounters with locals on our travels that truly hightened our overall impression. Saying hello doesn’t hurt. 

Council Chambers to the right have free daily tours

We opted for airbnb in Dennistoun which was a safe twenty minute walk from the centre, past the Tennants brewery. Our room was massive with succulents on the window-sill and travel books to keep you busy for hours. 
St Mungo museum (adjacent to the cathedral), has an ongoing exhibition on religious life.  Well presented with no bias or pressure, which highlights the background, beliefs and practices of a number of religions. Definitely worth a look!

We sought refuge of the ever looming rainless clouds by visiting Pollock gardens. Distracted by many trails, we looped over, back and forth, seeking out spring flowers and archaeological sites. Peace and serenity easily found. 

Three toddlers taking advantage of their freedom to roam

Not sure how to spend lunch in Glasgow? Check out Oran Mór adjacent to the Botanic Gardens and beGin. They have filled an empty space with an event named ‘A play, A pie and A pint.’ No explanation right? The basement is converted to resemble what I think is school styled tables facing the stage. The production was well executed.

Right,  now at the top I mentioned people. I met this Scot in Latvia at a conference and we’ve stayed in contact. He recommended Babu for dinner for its’ Bombay inspired menu. I obliged. I didn’t read the info correctly and waited patiently for him …  He never arrived. Bad Scot. 

So in essence I got a sneak peak of the menu and with so many delightfully written choices,  had the chance to eat there two nights in a row. 

I’m glad I did. Babu is off the main trail but sits below street level near the art district. They pride themselves on really well made fresh curries and quick eats. These two nights were no exception with consistency evident. Fresh herbs through and through with a refreshing mango lassi to refresh the palate. 

I will return a third time….


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