(By an anonymous writer who seems to follow me around everywhere)

Far from the grungy grey dreich industrial city we were lead to believe.

Blue skies greeted us for our first day of holidays however in the same time it took to walk to the west end it had clouded over and we were reaching for our rain jackets. It is definitely true, expect all four seasons in one day! Glasgow however was not at all like they say.

On our walk we passed grand tenements, lush green parks, surprisingly hip little cafes and multiple street musicians as well as The Glasgow University with its’ dark brick standing out dominant against the red sandstone. Cycle-ways link the various museums and its’ small size means that Glasgow is an ideal city to walk around in.

Glasgow University

Free museums are sure to keep people occupied however if you prefer the quirky or adventurous, then head over to the Necropolis and drop past Trongate 103 to watch Sharmanka, a bizarre theatre show of kinemats created by a Russian to at times disharmonious music.

The Necropolis

Although I had expected the usual range of greasy fast foods and chain eateries, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of independent cafes each proclaiming ethically roasted beans, enticing me into their warmth with the scent of strong brewing coffee. Glasgow also boasts a wide range of vegan and vegetarian eats. If the café life isn’t for you then there are plenty of pubs both traditional and modern with most offering a cosy atmosphere and live entertainment. Most places we tried were also quite affordable. I’m sure Marty got sick of that little shirt tug as I followed my nose and ears into yet another small venue.

For me Glasgow really was full of surprises.


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